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Tour of Tivoli



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Tivoli is a town 40 min driving from Rome.

In the town is the famous villa d'este.


This is a villa with incredible fountains of the XVI century.
Walking inside is great.
We will start from your location in Rome and we will drive to the area of Tivoli. 

We can visit Hadrian's villa first (the wonderful area of the ruins of Hadrian emperor - me or my guide will be your guide inside). 

After, we will drive to Villa D'Este (a wonderful villa of an important cardinal with lots of fountains and lots of water games - me or my guide will be your guide inside- the villa is really beautiful). 

After the visit at the Villa we can go for your lunch on a nice restaurant. 

The restaurant it is great...wonderful italian cuisine with a wonderful view... 
After the tour I will drive back to your location. 

The day will be about 6-7 hours long including the time for the lunch.


If you wish we can have the tour of just one of the sites  on an half day:

Villa D'Este or Hadrian's Villa.

The service will be 4 hours long in total.

We will spend about one one and half hour walking on one of the sites.

We will see lots of fountains of many different style and a lots of water game if we will tour Villa D'Este.




We will visit the ruins of the Hadrian's Villa, walking on the acheological area.