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NEW! Rome Golf Car Tours

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Why Choose The Golf Car Tour

Because in the golf cart you tour the city in a way that allows you to get a real feeling for this old town and merge in with its inhabitants.

You drive the narrow, old streets where the regular cars cannot make it.

So to drive on streets like that is very safe for a Golf Cart.

You will tour Roma as if you walked it, but you will not walk it!
As you will be coming around the corner of one of the back streets, the most spectacular sites will suddenly appear to you.

Golf carts are equipped with a silent electric motors, so no noise or air pollution, practically no impact on the city at all.
The golf cart tour is a very deep look into the town, as you slip silently though the narrow streets you hear, feel, smell the city.
Touring the city this way, you get a real taste Rome?s life and discover places that are unknown even to the locals.

You can enjoy Rome as real historical city center, see artisans at work, stop for a great gelato or cappuccino at Rome?s best places, and you will be away from the noise and the fumes of the traffic.
Golf carts have no doors or windows, so you can take pictures and film videos effortlessly as you go along. You will be able to lean or jump out of the cart to take your pictures without having to stop for it, but if you do want to stop, you can do that almost anywhere!
You will feel like you will have become part of Roma!

Of course this kind of tour is different, it is more a driving around with fun and stopping on places, having a commentary of the sites, time for some pictures and then driving to the next.


Rudy can organize with you the kind of tour that you have in mind to see different sites

About The Golf Cart

About the golf cart

Alwasys the golf cart tour is included on a package provided by the tour operator
standard golf cart accommodates up to 3 passengers
For 7 passengers, we use the "stretched" golf cart or 2 golf cart. For larger groups we need to use more than one golf cart.
The tour is inclusive of the pickup and the drop off at the hotel, if the hotel is located on the historical centre of Rome.
If you are staying out the historical centre, we need to meet in the old city.
You can provide for your transportation using a cab or we can do that, providing for a transfers go and back.
This is an additional cost.

The average range a golf cart drives, with fully charged batteries, is 80 kilometers (50 miles) enough for a full day tour of Rome.
We can to discuss where the most convenient place to meet would be.

About The Tours

About the tours

The golf cart tour is a fun driving tour.
We stop at the sites, let you walk around the sites or into the sites.

We provide for the appropriate commentary. During the golf cart tour we stop for gelato and cappuccino, we know great places for that!

We can schedule a tour to have a great overview of the highlights of Rome but we are flexible, We can choose together what to see and what to skip.

The golf cart tour of Rome is a fun tour having the way to enjoy the city going around to "live the old town".

Four hours is the minimum for a tour but we can run on a full day that is the best.
We can choose of course to have multiple days to tour, seeing everyday something different.

We don't drive the golf carts on the main streets. We drive on the quaint back streets and so avoid traffic, noise, fumes... and other group of tourists We drive off the beaten path and we will stop at the most famous sites also.

We will see things not expect to see. You can take pictures and videos very comfortable without getting out of the cart and we can stop almost all over to enjoy something that capture your attention.

We can tour the major highlights, but, If you already has been in Rome, we can show you other part of the city very attractive and unexpected.

We can show you the hidden Rome, narrow street where artisans work and live.
So it is great to show you the real face of the city, something that also the local sometimes don't know.