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Tour from the port of Civitavecchia




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We can spend about 9 hours on a full day tour of Rome from Civitavecchia port.
On the same day it will be possible to go to the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and San Peter Basilica.

Every tour is scheduled by you to accommodate your desires.

The Rome shore excursions can start at 8.00 am at the dock and can end at max 4-30-5.00 pm at the dock

You will have Rudy of one of his team.

We will meet at Civitavecchia dock and driving one hour ,we will arrive in the centre of Rome.
On the city we will drive you to visit many different sites such as:

The Palatine
the Circus max
the Colosseum 
the view of the Roman forum
the Wedding Cake
The Pantheon
The Trevi fountain
The Spanish steps
San Peter Basilica

The car is full licensed to drive everywhere and anytime you will be beside the sites with me as your driving/guide, without walking too much.

After the illustration , I will allow you the right time to explore the sites.

We will start the tour visiting the most ancient sites and we will end the tour visiting the most modern.
So we will tour the city concerning the time, talking about the monuments and at the end of the tour, you will know this city, its monuments, its history, its legends.

We will drive around Rome and we will be narrating and point out sites along the way. Once we arrive to the main attractions, like the Colosseum, we will tell you all you’ll want to know about the place and then let you explore it on your own. This is the best  way to do it. In fact, if we had to find a parking space each time we get to one of the sites we visit we would not be able to many places, most of the time would be wasted just to look for parking. This way instead we save a lot of time and you get the most satisfactory tour of Rome that covers the major highlights.

After lunch time, we will go to the Vatican museum to visit the Sistine chapel and San Peter Basilica.

Rudy or one of his guide will guide you inside without additional cost.

The Vatican museum and the Sistine chapel is a long worm way walking into the rush and my suggestion is to skip this part of the tour, unless the Vatican Museum is a priority for you.
If you skip the Vatican, we will see:

the Catacombs
the ancient Appian way
the old roman walls
the Michelangelo's Moses.

After this I will drive you back to the dock.
During the tour of Rome you will have the time for your lunch on a local Italian restaurant.

We will send you links to purchase the tickets to skip the line for the sites where is in general a big line to go in, so no lines for you.

To save money you may consider to come to Rome with the train from Civitavecchia.

I will pick up you in Rome at the train station.

To come back to Civitavecchia is a train each 30 minutes and the trip is about 45 minutes long to go and the same to go back.

The service are in deluxe minivans full air conditioned up 6-7 of you.

If you wish to visit the city with Rudy or with onr of his walking guide walking on all the sites, we can do that having a driver driving for us.

We will need not to drive and looking for parking spots and we will tour the all city on a great way walking all over (that is one of the really best way to tour the city).

After the illustrations, I will allow you the time for pictures of course.

The minivans are full licensed to drive everywhere and anytime we will be beside the monuments without walking too much.
The services from the ports are 9 hours in total: from 8.00am to 4.30 - 5.00 pm max.

About Vatican:

The Basilica of St Peter’s might close for last minute ceremonies or mass.
This is something out of our control

We will try to inform you on time but it is not always possible.


About the colosseum:

The Italian State has decided to reinforce the security at the Colossium.
Each client with or without  reservation must pass through the metal detector.
Nobody are allowed to skip that step.
We can only skip the line after we have passed  this control if we will have purchased the tickets online to avoid the queue.


Palatine and circus maximum
           The Palatine was the residence of the Emperors
            is the most pleasant of Rome's ancient sites.
            Inside is the house of Augustus and part of
            a palace by Domitian.


            The Colosseum is a roman amphiteatre commissioned
by Emperor Vespasian.
            It was built from the 72 to the 80 a.c..Gladiators combats
and wild animal fights were
             staged by Emperors.
             The colosseum could hold up to 55.000 spectators



The roman forum were the centre of the social and
political life of the old roman people.


  Nicola Salvi designed the most famous and big fountainof Rome in the 1762
.The central figure is the personification of the ocean
 The water come from the virgin-water aqueduct built by Augustus.


 In the 18th-19th century the square whre the steps are
  stood the heart of the city's main hotel discrit.
 Today is a beautiful meeting place of the people of all the world.


The Pantheon was a temple to all the gods and is one
of the best preserved monuments of Rome


The Victor Emanuel monument was inuugurated in
the 1911 in honour of Victor Emanuel the II the first
king of unified Italy.Totally covered of withe marble
is called by american people;the wedding cake because
of the strange shape.


St Peter Basilica

The San Peter basilica draws pilgrims from all over the world
Are inside lots of precius works of art like Michelangelo's pietà
and beautiful scolptures and mosaics.
The old basilica was built by Constantine in the 4th century a.c.
Other artists rebuilt it late.



The Catacombs were ancient cristian cemetery
were the cristians were buried.


One of the first of the roman road was built on the 312 b.c.